Dr Chan Tat Hon

Clinician, Coach, Chef
The Food School, The Bento People

Dr Chan Tat Hon, or ‘Doc’ as he is known to his friends, colleagues, patients and clients, describes himself as a food obsessed Clinician, Coach  & Chef. His medical practice, coaching activities & consultancy business, restaurant are all singularly focused on the relationship between food and health, on how we can eat better to maintain wellness and to regain wellness if lost.

Doc says, “ ‘As a medical doctor, I practise and teach people to Eat to Live, as a Chef, I create dishes for people who Live to Eat and as a Food Coach, I teach, coach and help motivated individuals to do both. I believe that everyone should invest in learning more about food and health as it affects not just long-term wellness but also that of their loved ones with eating habits influenced by them. I see that as a society, we invest so much in learning. Parents send their kids to tuition, young adults engage physical trainers to help them build their physique, career-minded people have management coaches to help them improve their management skills. It disturbs me when I see how little we invest in learning about the relationship between the food and health, about how food choices affect our bodies’ physiology and consequent wellness and illnesses. That is why I started The Food School to teach people who have that desire to know a bit more, so that they can make well informed decisions on what they eat and what they feed their loved ones.”
Doc describes himself as an adventurous soul and upon graduating from medical school, he had at various times of his twenty plus year career, apart from practicing medicine, been a senior civil servant running an international operations with offices in more than 20 cities around the world, a business consultant, entrepreneur as well CEO of an hospitality company leading a team to develop and run a hotel. In 2014, Doc started and was the executive chef at The Bento People and since then also started teaching and coaching at The Food School which he started recently. He is particularly passionate about providing hands-on one-on-one coaching for people with chronic illnesses such as diabetes and heart diseases where food plays a very important role in the management and prevention of complications. He is also an avid blogger and blogs about life’s lessons and food in his personal blog ‘Whatscookingdoc.sg’.

An alumnus of Raffles Institution, National University of Singapore and Harvard Business School, Doc is married to Janice, his partner at The Bento People and The Food School. They have 2 teenage children, one herbivorous and the other omnivorous. He was an active sportsman, representing his school in rugby, soccer, cross-country and track & field before a serious injury in junior college curtailed his sporting adventures and which restricted his current ‘sporting’ activities to supporting his favourite football team, Arsenal.

You can find out more about Doc at

His blog : http://whatscookingdoc.sg
His Food School : http://foodschool.sg
His Restaurant: http://thebentopeople.com