Dr Sherry Wang Xueying

Principal Scientist, Scientific And Clinical Affairs, Scientific Research

Dr. Wang was one of the first scholars to be awarded by the Economic Developmental Board of Singapore-GlaxoWellcome (EDB-GSK) for the pursuit of a degree in life sciences. She graduated from the University of Toronto and then went on to pursue her Ph.D. at the Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology, Singapore, where she conducted research in the areas of mouse developmental biology and signalling transduction. In 2006, Dr. Wang joined Prof. Elizabeth Blackburn’s lab (Nobel Prize Laureate for Physiology and Medicine, 2009) in the University of California (UCSF) where she held a Susan Komen Breast Cancer Foundation Fellowship. Dr. Wang has won many awards including the AACR-MERCK award and was appointed the Assistant Professor and Principal Investigator (head) of her lab in National University of Singapore (NUS) in Dec 2008 to further research into telomerase for treatment of cancer and aging disorders. Together with her team in NUS, Dr. Wang aims to decipher mechanisms of telomere attrition-induced body dysfunctions using both human diseased samples and mouse models, and she has since published more than 15 original research articles and has been recognized as a visible leader in the field with numerous invited talks and reviews.

She is also the organizer and moderator of the event “Women in Science/Medicine” held in NUS in 2013, including speakers who are Nobel Laureates and women of the year from her world magazine. Currently, Dr. Wang has joined Cerebos, Suntory to lead clinical and scientific affairs in health supplement products as she utilizes her MBA and scientific knowledge to see to commercialization of research.