Ms Pauline Menezes

Honorary Secretary
Vegetarian Society (Singapore)

Pauline has been a volunteer officer for Vegetarian Society (Singapore) (VSS) for many years. With a degree in Mass Communication and certifications in plant-based nutrition from Cornell University and in cooking from Rouxbe cooking school, last year, she embarked on a journey writing a vegan planting-cookbook, a first of its kind in Singapore.  

Titled “At Home From Pot To Pot: Bringing the joy and health benefits of plants into the home”, the full colour, illustrated, 140-page book is a collaboration between the Institute of Parks & Recreation Singapore (IPRS) and VSS, and is published by Marshall Cavendish. 
The dual aim of the book is first to encourage apartment dwellers to plant some of their own herbs and spices and second to offer healthy and easy to prepare recipes using those herbs and spices.  In writing the book, Pauline spent a year exploring urban farming and creating new, healthy and easy recipes.  She explored healthier and simplified ways of incorporating flavour through the use of herbs, spices, vinegars and fermentation of dough, pickle and plant-based milk.  The plants featured in the book were selected based on their nutrient profiles and ease of growing.