Sponsors FAQ

Some Frequently Asked Questions from our sponsors.

The answer to your question may be here. Otherwise, please contact any of us.

1. What are the payment terms and conditions?

  1. *100% of total amount is due within 30 days of the signing of this contract. Time of payment shall be of the essence of the contract.

  2. a) The Client is not permitted to cancel this contract except with the written consent of Sphere Exhibits (Conference Division).
    (b) Where there is an agreed cancellation permitted by paragraph (a) above, the Client shall pay to Sphere Exhibits (Conference Division) the amount, representing liquidated damages to compensate Sphere Exhibits (Conference Division) for all losses incurred as a result of the cancellation, as follows:-
    1. 80% of the contract price for cancellation made more than 6 months prior to the start date of the event; or
    2. 100% of the contract price for cancellation made 6 months or less prior to the start date of the event.
  3. If Sphere Exhibits (Conference Division) cancels the event or events, a full refund (100%) will be made to the client.
  4. If a purchase order is required by the client, then the client will notify Sphere Exhibits (Conference Division) of this and ensure that an authorised purchase order is attached to this agreement upon signing of the agreement.

2. How do I send my company collaterals to the event and how do I get it back?
Sponsors and exhibitors must consult their manuals (sent to them by the Operations Manager for the event) as to when and where to send their materials for the conference.

Exhibitors should ensure their airway bill numbers and consignment numbers are carried with them to the venue. This enables goods and equipment to be readily traced at customs and freight forwarding companies. All airway bills/shipping notes must be clearly marked with "All charges to account consignor".

3. How do I register guests?
If you are registering any guests for the conference, please use the guest pass form provided in the sponsor manual.

4. What happens on the day?
Sponsors will be provided with arrival and set-up times in their sponsor manual. You will have name badges prepared for you on arrival, and an allocated location for your exhibition stand.

5. Are there any discounts for my clients?
Any discounts for sponsor clients must be agreed with the sponsorship manager at the point of signing the contract.